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Give yourself the gift of self-care all year and Enroll in one of our Hello Darling Spa Memberships. We know just how important it is for you to take care of yourself, darling! Lula Mae has just made that easier and more affordable by offering a Spa Membership option.

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faq: Learn more about our Hello Darling Spa Memberships


How can I enroll a spa membership?

There are 3 easy ways to get started with one of our spa memberships. You can stop in and have a Beauty Advisor walk you through the process, give us a call (414.633.1220) or enroll online (how to below).


How do i Enroll for a Hello Darling Spa Membership Online?

Hit the "signup for a hello darling spa membership" button above. Login or Select "join now" to create an account. Once Logged in, select the "shopping" tab. Then select "packages & memberships". Choose the plan that best suits your needs. Purchase Membership by entering your card credentials. Enjoy your hello darling spa membership by booking an appointment.


Can I use my membership in combination with any other promotions or coupons?

Because your membership fees are so affordable, you cannot combine promotions or coupons with your monthly service options. Any additional services will be discounted appropriately. We can absolutely help you figure out if your additional service discount is greater or less than any promotions, packages or coupons. We never combined promotions at Lula Mae unless otherwise stated on the promotion.


How am I charged each month and when can I have my services?

Your monthly charge will be auto deducted from your account on the day you enroll. Example if you sign up on the 5th of the month you will be charged on the 5th of the next month meaning your membership will go from the 5th of every month to the 5th of the next month.


Can you explain the upfront payment option?

On top of receiving an additional percentage off your monthly services, make your year of services easy by paying for your memberships upfront. Up front payments are NEVER charged an enrollment fee. Up front payments are non-refundable.


Can I upgrade my membership?

Absolutely, darling! At any time if you are interested in upgrading your membership, simply email or contact your Membership Coordinator and we will walk you through the process.


What does VIP Promotions mean?

Once you’ve enrolled in one of our Hello Darling Spa Memberships, you are now on our Lula Mae VIP list. You will receive plenty of members only promotions including retail and services. We also have limited addition members only products you can purchase that will not be open for purchase to other non-members.


How does my additional household members benefit work?

We like to share the love and are helping you share the love too. You can choose one or two (depending on your membership tier) adult household member(s) to receive your 10% off additional services benefit. You simply have to let us know who you’d like to share the love with. We will add the discount to their account. Once you have given us permission to share the love with your love you cannot change beneficiary during the remainder of your agreement. **Please note: your beneficiary is not eligible to use your your monthly services.  


What happens if I can’t use all my services in one month?   

Great question! Because these memberships are designed to make it easy for you to consistently receive self-care affordably, we cannot permit you to roll your services over to the next month. However, again we aren’t here to make this difficult and we know life happens. On a case by case basis we can occasionally make adjustments. There may however be added fees that are associated with these adjustments considering our system is automatic. We suggest you pre-book your services to avoid this issue. If you have additional questions regarding this topic or if this situation occurs you are to email Dani, Owner of Lula Mae, directly:


what does the $39 enrollment fee cover?

This is a great question, darling! This fee is primarily to cover additional administrative costs to insure your payments are set up appropriately in our system and any additional costs to set up automatic payments. You will also receive a welcome letter from your Membership Coordinator who will be there for all your membership needs.


Can I cancel my membership at anytime?  

Of course you can, darling! We are here to make it easy for you to love yourself! Cancellation of memberships requires 90 written notice via personal business letter that needs to be submitted in house or emailed to The Card on file will be charged for the following 3 months during this membership cancellation process services may still be redeemed.


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