get to know us, darling

Our mission is to deliver a warm, inviting atmosphere to gain trust and make relationships with our guests. Lula Mae believes education is at the core of every service and every product. Our well-educated professionals provide more than just a service. At Lula Mae everyone is family.



Dani, Spa Owner

Hard-working, Compassionate, Skin-ninja


Easy-going, Loyal, Funny


Smart, Beautiful, Talented


Distinctive, Caring, Hopeful


Creative, Quiet, Perfectionist


Optimistic, Loving, Weird


Creative, Passionate, Optimistic



Come experience an atmosphere to help you relax, connect with yourself, and escape those mean reds. Assembled here, you will find a team which has a goal not only to deliver great service, but to also enjoy the work they do. When an organization strives for employee satisfaction it shows through the work they perform. At Lula Mae Spa we are employee and customer focused, here you know your technician enjoys what they do as a valued employee, so they can provide the perfect accepting place where you will no doubt long to be.